Our Services:

Our services include design, supply installation and maintenance of the water features, fountains, swimming pools and drainage systems.

We design mechanical drawings required with the details of the pipe sizes to be installed, locations of the valves, capacity of the pump as well as filters and a lot of other products. We also design the pump room which helps in planned and smooth progress. We take up design consultancy for our clients all over the world.

We supply products such as pumps, filters, chemical dosing system, GRP tanks, GATIC drainage systems, access covers etc. We also fabricate fittings and accessories with Stainless Steel 316L for lifelong functioning for all our prestigious clients.

We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel accessories for the fountains and the water features. We have successfully manufactured rings of diameter 8m with nozzles, channels for the water distribution, basins etc. all made with stainless steel 316L.

Our talented engineers and their team co-ordinates work on site for the installation of pipes and fittings, pumps, filters, GRP tanks, stainless steel rings with nozzles, puddle flanges, underwater lights, control panels etc. to give you the simplest automatic system. We also install drainage systems and access covers supported by a team from UK.

The maintenance of the water feature is one of the most important step for the system to work flawlessly for a very long time. Maintenance of these water features is observed by our engineers and hence the maintenance period is decided. We also provide training for our client’s maintenance team.

Some Of Our Happy Customers: