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The Fountain Factory is committed to providing a complete and professional service to meet the demands of a knowledgeable and discerning client base.

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers is able to offer support at all stages and on every aspect in the development of the project.

The Fountain Company is an independent company and is not restricted to specific manufacturers, therefore, we can source and supply the most appropriate solution for any particular application.

The Fountain Company offers a complete service ranging from design and construction of new bespoke water features, fountains, swimming pools and drainage systems, to restoration and refurbishment of existing water features, etc., backed up by a comprehensive maintenance service.

Water features within the modern landscape take on many forms including fountains, reflection pools, cascades, waterfalls, rills, streams, formal pools, lakes and ponds. They bring life to architecture and landscape and the sight, sound and movement of water can transform a quiet, still space into a vibrant, stimulating environment. The creative use of water can create additional value to any project.

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